About Us

Who We Are

Focused on following Jesus, strengthened by our life together, and devoted to reaching out to others.

Sonoma Springs Covenant Church is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church. We hold strongly to the authority of Scripture for how we understand our faith, doctrine, and conduct of our lives. We have been in our neighborhood since 2007, and we invite you to join us as we follow our Savior together.

“We are followers of Jesus called to do justice, do mercy and walk humbly with our God. This is our call - to be and make fruitful disciples. We believe the Bible, both the Old and New Testament, is inspired by God and the only perfect guide for faith, belief, and what we do. We affirm ancient creeds of the church like the Apostles and the Nicene Creed. We are evangelicals that honor history and tradition as well as the relevant and gripping call to be holy while being and making disciples. We belong to the wider denominational family called the Evangelical Covenant Church. We are all about building bridges that can withstand the weight of truth. We want to explore having a worship service in Spanish."
~Pastor Roberto Reed