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It only took 12 people to change the world. Only a few can make a difference.

As Pastor Chuck launches our series in the Book of Acts we will begin this Sunday in Children’s church to learn about the author of the Book of Acts, who is Luke. We will learn that Luke was a historian who was super careful about documenting facts. Luke makes it clear that he was a witness to the life and death of Jesus, and also a witness to the events, we call the acts of the apostles, after Jesus left them. Luke takes us through the movements and events of the apostles and challenges us to be witnesses for Jesus, to his resurrection, and to his transformational power. 

Are you being a witness in the true sense of the apostolic commission? Remember, it only takes a few people. This is a big undertaking for young hearts. Please pray for us!

Jan Wahlstrom

Would You Rather?

Would You Rather" is a fun ice-breaker game that you can play with anyone, anywhere. All you need is at least two players and a creative mind to come up with interesting scenarios and questions. The better questions get the players thinking deeply and applying astute critical thinking skills in order to choose formidable answers. For instance would you rather have powers to make you invisible, or powers to read minds? Both powers are enticing and both powers could help a person gain knowledge they couldn’t have if they did not have the powers. Which power do you think is better and why? To what end would you use the power?

This week in Children’s Church kids will be reading Psalm 1. They will learn about scoffers and mockers, righteous and wicked, and how to identify those qualities in the people who surround them. They will hear about the metaphor of trees planted by streams of water, and painting a tree to remind them of our lesson goal. 

But, what does this have to do with the “Would You Rather” game? Well mockers and scoffers tend to be the life of the party and the trend setters. Their views often set cultural agendas. They promote fringe ideas that later become common practices in society. So, when kids hear competing cultural values, they will need shrewd “Would You Rather” skills. They will need to understand that delighting in the law of the Lord will plant them solidly along the riverbank rooted in righteous answers to the relentless question of that ancient serpent who seeks to devour and destroy.

Guess Who's Having a Birthday?

At Children’s Church this Sunday, June 5, the children will be celebrating a birthday. “Whose birthday,” you ask? You may be thinking, “I want to make sure we send a present or a card.” “ I don’t want to forget the child’s special day!”

Forgotten birthdays are certainly disappointing, even sad. Our birthday celebrations help validate our existence on the earth and help us feel loved and significant by our family and friends.

Relax though… This Sunday’s birthday celebration does not belong to one of our kids, it belongs to the Church. This Sunday the Church celebrates Pentecost. Wendy will be presenting the story of Pentecost to the children as a birthday party for the Church!

On Pentecost we remember how miraculously and powerfully the Holy Spirit fell upon Jesus’ disciples and other followers as they waited in the upper room. Jesus told them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait there for the gift the Father promised them. The disciples did what Jesus asked. And within a few days as they sat waiting and praying, there was a sudden disturbance, like a rushing wind. The Holy Spirit powerfully swirled around all those believers. Tongues of fire hovered around them. Immediately the believers there began to proclaim about Messiah Jesus in languages that were not their own. People who spoke different languages and dialects heard and understood for the first time this joyous news! And.... the New Testament church was born.

So, the Pentecost story told in Acts chapter 2, is quite the opposite of Rachel’s experience. Jesus' promise of a gift and the Father’s birthday party to the church was not forgotten! On that monumental day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit gave the early church gifts of forgiveness, truth, new life, and power. The Holy Spirit offers those same gifts today. Pray that we as a church will allow the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on us this Pentecost Sunday, to empower us boldly to proclaim the gospel. Pray that our children will grow in their understanding of the work of the Spirit in their lives, that He will flow generously over their lives.

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New Life

This Sunday, May 22 our Children’s Church kids will be learning about Nicodemus and butterflies. Nicodemus had a hard time seeing Jesus as the Messiah, the savior who was prophesied about in the Old Testament. Jesus told him, “You must be born again.” Like a caterpillar who breaks through the imprisoned dark cocoon to become a butterfly fluttering freely about in the light of day, Nicodemus had to break through his darkness in order to see the Light of the world. The imagery of being born again is magnificent when you think about it. From confinement to freedom, from darkness to light, God draws us to a new life. Pray for our children that as they explore the meaning of life in Christ, they will discover a new life indeed!


This Sunday, May 15, in Children’s Church, the children continue to explore what it means to share the gospel with others and how to share the gospel. This Sunday students will learn about those, who after hearing and believing the gospel, got baptized.  The children will read from the book of Acts chapter 2 and hear Peter’s compelling statement to the crowd to whom he was preaching say in verse 38, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” We will watch a 3 minute video explaining baptism and participate in some learning activities. So, what is baptism and why do we do it?  Pray for our Children’s Church assembly and me, as I guide the LITTLES!


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During Children’s Church this week, the kids will play Lifesaver Tag as a forerunner to our lesson anchored in John 3:16-17. Children will learn that we are separated from God by our sin and that we need a lifesaver. They will read from the Gospel of John that the Father sent Jesus to be our lifesaver. I’m so excited to share the Gospel message to our children using the salvation bracelet! Each knot they make and each colored bead they string teaches the way of salvation. In the end, each one will be asked if they want to grab onto the lifesaver? They will be encouraged to share the salvation story with family and friends. Pray for them… Pray for us!

The Road

The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things." Luke 24:46-48 (NIV)

This Sunday, the children in Jr. Church will be reading about a powerful interaction with Jesus, and a command to share their faith. We will explore the surprising story when disciples met Jesus on the road to Emmaus and the importance of Jesus’ command to be witnesses starting with our own town. This coincides so well with the BLESS initiative that it must be a “God Thing!” The children will make a flower and put names on the leaves of their friends and family who they want to share their faith with. The following week, the children will be given tips on how to share their faith with others in a natural way. We are calling this “Each one, reach one.”

During Jr. Church Worship, we will be singing and moving to a great little song called “Have You Heard about Jesus? We will watch a video clip about the road to Emmaus, then read the story together. The children will learn about the words like: forgiveness, repentance, preach and witness. Finally, children will make their witness flowers and pray about how God is speaking to their hearts using the ACTS model. A fun-filled, spirit-filled Sunday, for sure!