Ministry Team Proposal

Thanks for your interest in assembling a ministry team or event at Sonoma Springs Covenant Church! We are very interested in your ideas to help us "Glorify, Grow & Go" for Christ's glory. We want to do everything possible to serve and equip you for success in your ministry plan.

Please provide the following information and submit it to the church office when complete. The Leadership Team will review at their next regularly scheduled meeting and notify you of approval or if there are any further questions. Someone from the Leadership Team will be assigned as your primary contact.

Mission/Vision Statement
It is the biblical mission/vision of Sonoma Springs Covenant Church to see more people become more like Christ by:
  • Glorifying God through inspiring, heartfelt worship;
  • Growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ through daily, whole-life discipleship; 
  • Going in the power of His Holy Spirit to make disciples, bringing the truth of God’s Word and a demonstration of Jesus’ love to the world, beginning with the Sonoma Springs Covenant Church neighborhood.

Ministry Team Leaders must affirm Sonoma Springs Covenant Church’s mission/vision, values and ECC Covenant Affirmations (see: Evangelical Covenant Church Affirmations.)

Helpful Hints:
1. Begin with prayer.
2. Read the church's mission statement and information about its values and vision. Ask church members and leaders whether the ministry would make a good fit and could involve the congregation.
3. Start the proposal by identifying your name, address and contact information. Include the names of your team partners and references.
4. Provide a name for the ministry and explain how it will meet the church's values, vision and mission. Identify who will be served by it and explain how you hope it will benefit both your target audience and the church.
5. Specify the elements needed to make the ministry a success. Indicate whether it is a single event or a continuous program. List the days and times the ministry will take place and the things that will be needed, such as rooms, tables, chairs, audio or video equipment or a vehicle. Add supports that also might be required to carry out the ministry, such as child care, shuttle or office services.
6. Explain how you plan to promote the ministry. These could be pulpit announcements, display tables or space on the church's website. List promotional items that also might be required, such as fliers, signs or banners. (see: Communications Checklist)
7. Indicate whether the program is free. If costs are involved, explain how the program will be paid for: fundraising, special offerings, allocation from the church budget, etc. If your ministry will be selling tickets, identify who will be handling the tickets and the money from sales.
8. Include any costs to outside organizations, such as speakers or caterers.
9. Explain how you report the outcomes and successes of your ministry to the congregation.
10. Submit your proposal to the Leadership Team. Then, submit an After Action Report evaluation to the Leadership Team within 30 days after the event, or if an ongoing ministry, at the end of the year as a part of the annual report.

Ministry Team Leader

Ministry Team Members